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Who Are the RAM Program Participants?

Wisconsin's RAM Program is a cooperative effort between the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Property Owner), Rehabilitation For Wisconsin, Inc. or RFW (Program Manager) and Community Rehabilitation Programs or CRPs (Custodial Care and Landscape Maintenance service providers).

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Property Owner)

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highway Operations (WisDOT) is responsible for administering the RAM program. The Bureau provides program funding, approves contracts, and plans and implements major construction projects.

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Rehabilitation For Wisconsin Inc. (Program Manager)

Rehabilitation For Wisconsin Inc. (RFW) is a private, non-profit membership association. The association is comprised of over 50 member organizations with the united goal of serving and assisting individuals with disabilities. RFW provides the Wisconsin's Rest Area Maintenance program management services.

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Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)

A CRP is an organization, which provides the services necessary to support people with disabilities to work and live more independently. CRPs, under the RAM Program, perform the janitorial and landscape maintenance services at the roaadside sites.

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