Disability Service Provider Network (DSPN) has provided the program management services for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Rest Area Maintenance Program since 1987. Our management services include a variety of tasks but focus on providing facility management, quality assurance, record keeping, and training and education.

Continuous quality improvement is a key focus for DSPN. DSPN is constantly assessing both management services and site maintenance services to assure that they are adding value to the program.

Facility Management:

Each roadside facility in the RAM Program has a work plan which includes routine custodial care and landscape maintenance services, preventative maintenance schedules, non-emergency repairs, and planned improvements. DSPN develops these plans annually with the cooperation of WisDOT and the CRPs. The objective is to use funds efficiently to provide clean, safe and comfortable facilities for the traveling public.

Quality Assurance:

RFW inspectors perform regular inspectins of each RAM site to give feedback to managers and crews regarding their quality of work and standard compliance.  DSPN consults with site and program managers on an ongoing basis to assure proper, accepted methods and products are being utilized to produce an acceptable end result. 

Training and Education:

DSPN hosts training and networking meetings at roadside facilities around the state where CRP maintenance employees can learn information about best practices and discuss current issues. Individual training is arranged for new personnel where needed. Professionals who are leaders in their area of expertise are hired to present on various maintenance topics.

Record Keeping

RFW maintains the computerized records and paper documents necessary to track and monitor program activities including all revenues and expenditures. Records are kept for custodial care and landscape maintenance costs, labor hours, extra work projects, site improvement projects, and traffic and water use data.

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